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Re: Personal space

Posted by Chqrlie on December 02, 2006 at 08:58:04

In Reply to: Re: Personal space posted by Closing up on November 30, 2006 at 10:20:29:

No, I didn't mean it literally - the wolf thing, although I did see one a few miles from here a few years ago. I'm in the country - a rural area, but it is intensively farmed and the moose, cougars, wolves etc., that used to be here have pretty much disappeared from this area. I was driving home one morning and someone had hit a deer so there it was lying on the road and, having a dog, I threw the deer up onto the trunk to bring home so the dog would have fresh meat throughout the winter. As I was leaving the accident site, a wolf came running out of the woods. I guess I got to his meal before he did.

Fran and I have had our down time, our time of healing internally, and during that time the shop was most definately closed. And while we were doing the internal work individually, our kids were entering their teen years and went beyond normal teen rebellion, and that made things even tougher still. Mom and dad just weren't available like they should have been so the kids looked elsewhere - to their peers, drugs, whatever - anything to numb the pain, anything to fill up the love hunger: Kids running wild, house and vehicles broken down, our commitment to the healing we had sought in the group shattered - broke and on our own. It was REALLY TOUGH! We're there for the kids now, though, and they are learning to deal with their own internal as well as external problems - TG!

No, we're not going to remain isolated. We have you folks here and there are folks that we've bumped into along the paths of our healing journeys that are just around the country corner and available to us and others should we ever need them. Actually, we're finding that we are becoming more and more available to them, as well. We're at a turning point right now, now that we are back up on our feet and now that we have so much insight into the devastating side effects of sexual, emotional and, yes, spiritual abuse. We can help out from here, from right where we are. It's our calling, really.