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Humor has an element of truth!

Posted by Loose Cannon on December 30, 2006 at 20:48:46

In Reply to: Re: To be sure, posted by Mr. Don on December 30, 2006 at 06:35:23:

If you don't think there is any arrogance involved or board owners aren't lording it over their "flock" then take a look at these statements. They're from another site inviting people to leave, just because they explained to the moderators they were wrong about something.

"Coordinate your own board of exmembers and be as tactful as you wish."

"I am curious why you, at this stage of being a poster, have decided to take offense at how we run the XXX board? Maybe you would be happier playing over on the other boards for a while? It's okay to take a break and not have a big upset to make it necessary to leave. Sometimes it's okay to just stop."

"When you open your own board you can run it anyway you see fit. Until then don't try to tell us how to run our board. And it is our board. We pay for it. We let you play here."