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Re: First-person Account of Family in Tokyo, ca. 2002

Posted by JoJo on February 05, 2007 at 12:27:44

In Reply to: Re: First-person Account of Family in Tokyo, ca. 2002 posted by Tornado on February 04, 2007 at 07:48:28:

Hi again,

I went to the link from movingon and read what was written there.

Some true and some not. I've been to Goa twice for several weeks at a time in the past 6 years. Once I did meet Stephen and his wife there. His son Jono lived there for several years. The home where he lived oversaw the school that was funded by his parents. The school was not run by the local family members there. They paid for a local teacher to teach the kids at the school. None of the kids spoke English so the family folks wouldn't be much help there. The school was open Monday to Friday and not only once a week. The cook/cleaner was also paid, and the kids were given good healthy food. I saw it while I visited the school twice.

All of the people who were/are involved are not fulltime members anymore. The family that was overseeing the school have relocated to another part of India, so I don't have any fresh info on what is exactly happening with the school.

For all your claims about them wanting you to join them, well as they are not fulltime I'm finding it a little difficult to understand and grasp.