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Re: Another One Bites the Dust

Posted by An other on May 08, 2007 at 14:56:47

In Reply to: Another One Bites the Dust posted by CB on May 08, 2007 at 09:28:41:

This is really sad to read, and what stuck out to me was opposite of what one of the articles pointed towards. The words "hate crime" were used and a description of the nazi flag flyers that were glued to the doors. This gives the impression that some psycho nazi skin head was attacking a Jewish official.
What the story indicated, on a level that ex-fam can understand, would seem to be anything BUT a hate crime or slurs towards Weiss as being Jewish. I wonder if D. even knew the person was Jewish if he even was the one who did that.
What he wrote when visiting that office was reported as: "No one listening" and it seems the reaction is in viewing the representative of people in places of power that can take action if they choose to, or refer for action, as being like Nazi's in condoning serious crimes against those who were children and grew up to experience sexual abuse, rape and incest, not to mention assault and battery, separation from parents, insufficient education or little to no education in some instances, and the apathetic lack of response by an authority elicited that comparison.
I'm not saying that was the most effective way to get a message out. What it seems to me is happening is someone is understandably deeply disturbed about what has happened to his family, his friends and himself and frustrated in feeling there is no way to see justice done. Then something snaps and a person cries for help in one way or another or they resign from life. There was a big dragnet to capture Warren Jeffs who imo was small fry pervert compared to Berg and Zerby and he was finally caught.
There doesn't seem to be any effort to pursue Zerby and Co. when there are first hand testimonies of abuse, literature that confirms abuse, with photos. I doubt Jeffs had that much known about him and surely not documented.
I don't doubt you feel similarly, I am just writing what I was thinking after reading one of the articles you left a link for.
I also hope that people who need the help to deal with that past will get it and I am glad no one died in this incident.