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The idiot prophet

Posted by Paper Boy on July 06, 2007 at 19:35:42

Reading the posts below related to the Child Brides article Thorwald posted, especially the comment from Monger exclaiming bewilderment that TF published such material, it got me wondering about Berg and Zerby's state of mind when publishing such material.

Didn't Berg claim that he had a genius IQ? He certainly promoted the idea that he was extremely intelligent. But how intelligent could he and Zerby and their henchmen have been to think that all they had to do was put a DO or LO or Summit Only classification on a publication and that was enough to keep it a secret, internal document?

In much the same way that the journalist Edward Morrow exposed to the American public the evil nature of the demagogue Senator McCarthy by using his own words to condemn him, TF's evil nature is being revealed to the world through these exposures of their internal documents.

How come the "endtime prophet" couldn't see that coming?