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Not Without My Sister

Posted by Book on July 31, 2007 at 09:32:27

Drive the book to number 1

Not Without My Sister is now at number 7 in all hardback sales in the UK.

We NEED to get this book to number 1 in order to bring the issue to the forefront of society’s collective mind.

If we get this to number 1 it will set a support base, a knowledge base and an emotional base amongst the public and public servants to facilitate justice for the unacceptable abuses perpetrated against so many second generation ex-members of The Family.

Please help get this book to number 1

Forces are a foot to prevent the success of Not Without My Sister with a number of big name TV shows canceling at the last moment and without reason.

Please help the proliferation of the book through society by:

1) buy it through Amazon
2) buy it for friends / family
3) buy it and sending it to people STILL in The Family

Get it through


1) Post details about it on any survivor / relevant blog
2) Post information about it on your site / blog
3) Call up your local paper / radio station tell them this best selling book is just out about the cult you were in

Thank you!!