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Karen Zerby???? check this out

Posted by Farmer, no sucker anymore on August 11, 2007 at 04:33:36

Seriously, I had to laugh about this...altough it's sad...either she was the smart ass all the time or deluded & this is a fake...(when I read about the LJR I thought she must be cracked, may be she's the "smart" cruel inventor of things...but may be it's a fake blog)...somebody else with the desire to check the new "google" machine out:

this was part of the result inserting Karen Zerby:

I'm a cult leader. I know that sounds a little strange, but it's the truth. There are over 10,000 suckers around the world dumb enough to swallow the crap I preach.

In fact, it's only been in the past three years that my following have even seen pictures of me. Can you believe what dumb fucks people are? They've never met me, never saw photos of me and yet they gobble my teachings as if they were nuggets of life.

I've been at this cult leader thing for awhile. I started out at the bottom and then slept my way into the founder's heart. There was a lot of competition for first spot and I held on to it through sex. Not necessarily through sex with me, mind you, although yeah, that was part of it. He slept around with all the women of the communes and I would sleep with the men. He got off on that. Then I brought him little girls as gifts. He got off on that too. As long as he was happy, I was in power and eventually the old geezer died and I took over completely.

Now that I'm in charge I've made sure that each and every one of my followers knows that I am a queen. Not metaphorically speaking, a real queen. And I am. I believe this completely because Jesus told me it was so. In fact, I'm one of Jesus's favorite lovers. He told me that too. I was his lover before I was born and will be when I die. While I'm on earth I make up for my physical distance from Jesus by talking to him and imagining I am having sex with him while I'm partnered with the various men I live with. Life is good when you're the queen.

When you're the queen people send you money. Lots of it. I've convinced those suckers to send me 10% of all the money they make -- before taxes and expenses. They do this every month without fail because they know if I don't, I'll kick them out of my kingdom.