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Medical Neglect is a Crime!

Posted by Angry Parent on August 20, 2007 at 22:57:55

In Reply to: Does The Family really care about the handicapped? posted by Angry Parent on August 20, 2007 at 22:47:23:

The Lord Justice Ward found intances of medical neglect and potential neglect in The Family, and had this to say about their inhumane and unloving notions regarding the handicapped:

The Family ... believe that illness is a punishment for sinfulness, they are intolerant of those who suffer physical or mental disability.

[The letter Rotten Apples is then quoted in the judgement]

"We must remember that if there is a retarded or deformed, chronically sick or handicapped child, a queer child or baby born in a family, there is usually something wrong with the mother or father that God is chastening them for and either trying to teach them a lesson or simply punish them for their past or present sins. It's certainly not the child's fault. ... We cannot allow one handicapped soldier to drag down the whole army, nor one rotten apple to spoil the whole barrel full. The problem has either to be cured or The Family delivered from it. ... (The mother) should confess and repent of her sins which caused it, acknowledge it and ask for deliverance, and then the whole Family should pray desperately for the deliverance of the child so that at least its spirit changes from a bad spirit to a good one; or I would suggest that perhaps both should be separated from The Family and certainly from a family with other children in which the retarded child could be a bad influence or even a danger. ... Let's lay aside every weight and these fruits of sin that do so easily beset us and let us run the race and not sit down spending our full time taking care of a bunch of handicapped who will never be able to truly serve the Lord as well as we! Don't let the devil deceive and side track you into something less than the best."