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Re: Does The Family really care about the handicapped?

Posted by Jo on August 21, 2007 at 23:32:59

In Reply to: Does The Family really care about the handicapped? posted by Angry Parent on August 20, 2007 at 22:47:23:

Who all did berg not like? he loved everybody when they were of USE. He didn't care if they were gay, straight, christian, pagan, atheist, fat, old, ugly, sickly skinny, diseased, handicapped if they could be used. What a parasite.
And god forbid if you were any of the above and IN the family. well, you just wouldn't be in any longer than it took to clear your bank account and help you to "forsake all".
well, and then after that, if it was something that you couldn't "get the victory" over, out the door you go as soon as possible.
When getting in the cult it was not easy to see how systematic everything was organized including how people were screened, information gathered from earliest days. I was recruited in the summer of 70 and I remember being given some papers to fill out which asked how much income my parents made per year. I was a bit confused by the need for an answer to that but I answered truthfully, I didn't know. Then I was forced to write home to them and my father sent a hundred dollars and RicHARD (now Johnny B)went with me to cash it in. I was so green. I got the cash and he was standing behind me and I was trying to hand it to him and he was whispering btwn his teeth to put it away. Then when we got out the door I kept walking back to the van with it in my pocket and he quickly said to give it to him. As a teen at the time, it didn't raise a red flag for me, but looking back, even then top leaders were worried about appearances..
There were some people that were somewhat damaged goods that joined but were allowed to because their parents were helpful on a larger scale somehow, then after fleecing their parents to the nth degree, they'd be dumped, too.
Sold on an ideal and purchased a scam.