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Re: Does The Family really care about the handicapped?

Posted by Farmer on August 22, 2007 at 06:36:51

In Reply to: Re: Does The Family really care about the handicapped? posted by GP on August 21, 2007 at 06:38:18:

GP I think it's quite sacrificial of you to go through the litter/letters of Berg, trying to understand him or us...I think it might be as difficult as me trying to understand drugaddicts.
I was never a drugaddict, so my real understanding of them is quite limited, although I think I should have compassion for them, but I don't see too many of them either in my neighbourhood...although alcoholics...yes.

Recently I saw a documentary about a saintly single mother of several teenagers who tries to get the youth of a suburban slumarea of Buenos Aires of the paco-drug...which is a super terrible one.Two of her boys were into it & she tries also to talk other youth regurlarly out of it by going to the hangouts & seeing what authorities can do: actually they do nothing, virtually least according to the documentary.
Point here: she knows that drugworld and fights against it & the state is not always as benvolent
as we think it to be...

Regarding the issue...letter-subject...although at that time I felt it was a real shame, we couldn't do more on the very altruistic side
of life...I also realised we were very limited in funds & probably had anyway the wrong approach to be blessed with more....the real shame was that
people in the family seemed to be on the fringes - after such letter - who had themselves a handicapped child.Later though...deaf children e.g. remained in TF...they developed a ministry to the deaf, which I was a witness o myself, plus knowing several deaf children in TF ((due to meningitis...TF had no healing-ministry...they had no healers I knew of...(Smith Wigglesworth
supposedly healed many in the early 20th century...)...actually TF had "little" to give, besides the faith in Jesus...which I personally count as lots...but they wanted to preach to the neglected influential and rich (the latter group is not really the best target according to the gospel))(that was later in Delhi around 1989)

When I left for India in 1982, my parents gave me once a book about mother Theresa (Incidently there was a young Indian disciple of that name, who apparently knew mother Theresa...later Theresa died of something...I forgot...but might be found in the memorial-websites)...I really was very impressed about her.There was an Indian elder couple who I think had joined in Indonesia...they really "went through trials", when Berg wrote, that he hardly could stand the sight of the handicapped (a weakness he didn't turn into a strength) and Davidito appenrently not he was against visiting hospitals etc. having a ministry for such he figured they were hopeless cases...forgot the name of that letter...but I think I never swallowed that line...I was more on mother Theresas side in my heart.

I have no time nor desire to look up such letters to quote them...I read better stuff nowadays...or better m u s t read better stuff...however...if you're familiar with the old Testament, have a look at how much David Berg also "copied" of old king David: 2.Samuel 5:8 etc. so there might be some explanation for some behaviour...the OT and NT was quoted and used as it fitted with "Berg's fancies" excuse pls. any typos andmistakes...timelimit