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Re: Does The Family really care about the handicapped?

Posted by Farmer on August 23, 2007 at 05:54:56

In Reply to: Re: Does The Family really care about the handicapped? posted by GP on August 22, 2007 at 22:56:45:

I don't know about your life and you reveal little...that's ok to some extent...however if you intent to mean, that we should all walk in everlasting shame, because we joined a grey to black developping cult/sect...whatever name you want to give it...I...for myself...will have to disappoint you...I don't know whether you're a Christian or not...if you have read in the epistle
of John, it's clear, that Christians still commit sins & errors & it has been of long debate in church-history, whether some might not be forgivable....we can talk on journeys about that...

Number two seem to just be reading some of the stuff I already read long time ago...there wasn't a complete dogma of Berg when we joined...things developped as he wrote & so people were more or less hooked on the lifestyle in TF & had to battle with the things revealed in the letters.If you think, that everyone followed the letters as they came out to the nth degree, you would be again wrong...I just remind everyone here of the winequota...not to speak of the "irregularities" in tithing or "the sharing" in TF...I think there are plenty of incidences.

Say to what friend? dear...people outside were potential enemies & at best weak sheep or kings to help us...Egypt...the system was supposed to be spoiled and used...& seldom people joined...especially in later years...unless on some missionfields.So of whom..."friend"??... could you be speaking...Do you think I would have voiced doubts to outsiders...visits at my parents
place (oftener once a year) were a pain in the ass...why...because I was still a spiritual asshole.What you are talking about is normal behaviour in a pluralistic society...among normal people.But excuse me, dear GP, how normal are the NeoNazis...have you ever thought about that?How normal are the paedophiles who kidnap children, who have tons of pics on their harddrives, among them teachers, childcareworkers, priests?How normal are the parents who totally neglect children & let them starve or who throw children /babies(newborn) literally into the garbage bin ??etc. etc.

You see, I am getting into the mood."The system" is also not that wonderful, as people make it to be, blinded by some glittering advertisements.There are lots of people on the sunny side of life...the majority not.Do you agree?

So we thought to have the answer...Jesus...and didn't need to be convinced, that lots of the system was "shit", excuse me please.If the majority here thinks, that the "system"/the world is very wonderful, I might leave the forum here...because I see plenty of news, read lots of news & think therefore otherwise.There are some mighty goodwilled people, trying to make this world a better place...however there are some very powerful, super egoistical people...who just care about some more power...lust for power.

Ok, TF blew...I recognize my guilt for supporting them in the past...however (I don't know how old you are...may I ask??) I think you know little about the sentiments of the 1968 generation...worldwide there were student revolts & not just because of the Vietnam-war...Did you know, that in Germany lots of the old 3rd Reich offenders got nice cozy jobs in the new bureau-"crazy" after world war 2...that makes me mad...students protested against all kids of old hangups & sadly turned to some utopias of the left.

I don't ask for sympathy from you...don't need it...but I am labouring against some gross simplifications/distortions of the past/history.

To answer your question, I wrote no one...cause we just shared GP-literature (funny, that you should take such name/handle?????) with outsiders....DFO-lit with more "trustworthy"/sympathic souls.You mean, you go first with your "complaints" to some friend/ outsider in such a tightly knit group?Ok, there were people who had questions...therefore TF had the questions & answer series of letters, plus it was part of the monthly report....also you had the heart report (green magic shirt) later...People who had no doubts, were great disciples....people with lots of them on their own way hindsight, do you think I like the latter?Sure I do, b u t in hindsight.

You remind me of lots of people, who know it all by looking could people be so could people follow Hitler.They wouldn't have done it, they are better.

Well, sorry, I still adhere to biblical teachings & according to my book...all have sinned & apparently the degree doesn't really make the difference.The murderer gets forgiveness as much as the liar.I don't know, whether you see that significance in such a debate.

I said here already before on this site, that I selfrighteously accused my parents in my heart about the Hitlertime & did I do better?It could be, that you still have some "Damascus"-experience
before you...a better handle/metaphor I was not
able to think of.

All in all: you're right about the depicable messages of Berg...what you fail to see is, that one has to have the right moral compass to know what is "up & down" and you marvel/ are shocked, that we didn't have that.Right & wrong at the same time....did you learn algebra overnight???