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Re: An apology and a congratulations to you people

Posted by Farmer on August 28, 2007 at 03:13:45

In Reply to: An apology and a congratulations to you people posted by GP on August 25, 2007 at 17:32:30:

I think no one was "offended", except for least I voiced my differences others didn't.It's for me like I outlined...the truth is in depth more complicated, then we tell it & see it...therefor it's quite difficult to judge a situation.For outsiders it's ok to judge/criticise
us as they see it & by that we get an important feedback...sure TF sounds crazy to outsiders, but we already knew that while we were part of it, tha's why we had his Don Quixote-lifestyle...also a letter by Berg....howbeit there is a difference between "harmlessly" crazy (Don Quixote just hurt himself??) and miliciously being crazy...this all was sugarcoated by the formula being fools for Christ & through that we allowed ourselves many things, which are very unchristian & that is your right to reemphasize and point out, even if you run in open doors here.
The mystery is, how fairly intelligent/goodwilled people could fall prey to such's a similar question, which plagues a good many Jew, how some fairly intelligent people, like the Germans/including some parts of the elite could fall prey to the Nazis...the answer lies in a combination of many details/facts/situations..IMO

I hope it was ok to be as blunt as I was & wanted to be??