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TEEN TERROR ring leader speaks out

Posted by on September 02, 2007 at 07:30:43

I am Jason (aka) John and I am the ring leader Mo spoke of in the Mo letter named "TEEN TERRORS".I am one of the original 2nd generation kids and also one of the first teenagers to escape the FAMILY back in 1986 in the Phillippines.First I would like to make a personal appology to all the teens and pre teens of the 2nd generation because I feel and always have felt that because of my mis behavior as mentioned in "TEEN TERRORS" it opened up a Pandoras box and alot of teens paid the price for years afterward.I am very sorry for giving a bad reputation to the teens and that is my only regret .I am not sorry for the things I did that got me in trouble because I was just trying to have some fun and never did anything to hurt anyone.I know I changed the way Mo and leadership looked at all teens from then on and history shows it.I am sorry.I also feel I should let people know the ending to "TEEN TERRORS" so the truth will be known.I was accused of being DEMON POSSED by a demon they called JANUS and was beat up pretty bad phisically in order for it(JANUS) to be released.The abuse along with mental torture continued for about 2 years following the TEEN TERRORS till leadership was convinced that I was a changed man and finally let me have a social life again.By then I was 15 and It was only a matter of time before I made my escape in 1986.I should have recieved an OSCAR for my acting skills that once again convinced even the top leadership that I was a changed new man.HA!I never changed ,I only became a better actor meanwhile keeping my soul
intact.I did go back and talk with the leaders at their request a couple weeks after I escaped only to listen to them try to sweet talk me back into the FAMILY even offering me a position with them as a teen leader.Well there was no way in hell I was going back and it just upset me to hear them talk like that.I actually went back latter that evening just to throw a few eggs at the home just to assure them I had not changed one bit.Anyway I could go on and on but I do have a life to tend to so I won't.I hope this reaches people that knew me or knew of TEEN TERRORS because it did have a happy ending and the alleged TEEN TERROR ended up winning in the end.Thank GOD for that.Please post comments or e mail me directly at