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Re: First of all thanks...

Posted by Farmer on September 08, 2007 at 05:38:49

In Reply to: Re: First of all thanks... posted by Jo Anne on September 07, 2007 at 09:40:02:

Thanks for the response...I think you meant FGAs !??...FGAs being dumped as weight by TF in their 70ies? ...could be...or an old folkshome with bunk-beds...six in a room etc...TF might surprise us here...but seriously: I also realised, that I have to work another good 10-15 years until my youngest child would be through with highschool and university...otherwise I wouldn't need that much for myself ( a non TF-friend of mine lives on very much less than I) I need good health & must be doing something for it (exercise etc.)

But as you probably know, that subject has been widely discussed at moving on, what to do with parents, who "repent" in their very old age & then
become another burden for their children (problem arises also with earlier leaving FGAs, who happen to have no or low income & also low pension etc....way of escape: social pension in some countries or all?).Any FGA
with some good morality left in such situation
should free their children of such obligation (although by some state/government-laws the direct relatives are responsible for each other...unless they themselves earn to little)...then they should live as a tramp...may be...unless the SGAs are super millionaires & love to help or just the latter for that matter (if they care to take them in)
Even without TF there is anyway a generation-conflict of such sorts.

As far as the sueing is concerned, I first of all thought not of a civil-law suit, for some recompenses, similar to the one against the CC

I rather meant suits against abuse-offenders & in many cases it could very well mean against the own parents- either as a victim or knowing some
peers, who got abused.Sometimes our dreams of a
nice "family-life" get jeopardized by the hard, cruel, cold reality...meaning...said parents could wind up in jail...that "fellowship" there is hardly the fulfillment of dreams...but it begs the question, whether true good relationships can
may be only be built that way...or by glossing things over?...
The churches of the first centuries had to deal with church-discipline...members couldn't just do what they fancied (problem in TF: "the bishop/pope" himself was very rotten...but often in the
early centuries heretical bishops got chased away
[but what was /is really heretical...was not always so easy to determine...but easy by comparison with sexual offenses] thought: FGAs should also expect some disciplination, if they realise, they didn't behave very christian.
Didn't they/we want to live as Christians, finding out, that was far from the truth