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Family Propaganda

Posted by Like Trees on September 15, 2007 at 21:44:16

The Familyís propaganda machine works, as predicted. They are not going away and will never totally dissolve. Contrary to some peopleís wishes I donít believe that TF will ever get better as long as their views, doctrines and teachings are sociopath. Theirs is a culture that protects and promotes sociopath behavior. I say their propaganda machine works because who they used to call backsliders are now being turned into friends through gifts and favors. TF has learned from their mistakes, and instead of antagonizing those who leave because they decide to break away from slavery and force labor, they are now trying to prevent them to be all-out antagonists. And by allowing them to see relatives or friends, they keep the illusion of normalcy.

In my mind, a person cannot leave TF and still maintain a neutral view about their teachings. In my mind, people who say they have left TF, they have not until they are willing to make the break with those teachings too.

They donít have to come and tell me, I donít care whether they come to a board and spill their guts in public, none of that is important to me but to them. It is an intimate decision of which they donít need to convince anybody about. What they do will show, or maybe not.

But what bothers me a little bit is when people still try to defend the Family making themselves look like they are out and making TF look like they are such good people doing some good work when they are still proudly teachings the evil doctrines of David Berg and Karen Zerby (a) Maria. As long as people are not willing to confront those teachings for what they are, as long as they keep perpetuating them, they are as evil as their master, the father of all lies.