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please be patient...

Posted by LTO on September 20, 2007 at 19:10:20

In Reply to: Re: Can't help but disagree posted by Coordinator on September 20, 2007 at 13:50:52:

I simply cannot follow your thinking.

You did not comment on my reponse to points a & b. Perhaps I am not clear enough in my wording but it in no way suggests anything be done "in secret" as you state. It would serve, I think, to further the purposes you said you sought... open repentance and renunciation concerning harmful Family teachings and practice. The suggestion of using clear identifiers that any exfamily members would recognize (bible name initials, offices held, fields etc) that would not create additional search engine tags, would seem to both move the process of debunking the family forward, as well as limit the risk to the innocent SG's in that nuclear family.

your response, point by point: 1) as far as the general public goes, do you really think some guy who bought a poster, or donated out of date inventory to an orphanage somewhere is reading this site or googling the internet? As far as the policies of this site goes, it seems totally irrelavant.
2&3) As I said, nothing is suggested in my last post (responding to your specific concerns) about anything "in secret." Certainly an apology using identifiers other than those that would link to search engine tags is better than an what seems most likely to be silence, out of the concerns parents trying to start a new life have for the well being of their families.

Anyway, perhaps I am just unable to understand the goals you feel are being accomplished at present that could not be even better achieved by considering an adjustment .

I don't think I have shouted down any one's voice here. I would in fact be interested to hear from other readers if they have any views on the issue.

Adios, amigo.