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Dear Reader and Coordinator:

Posted by LTO on September 20, 2007 at 22:13:13

In Reply to: Re: I'm not following either posted by Coordinator on September 20, 2007 at 19:24:10:

Let's start over. For your sake , reader, I am not asking the board to do anything regarding myself personally. I was simply replying to a thread below concerning a situation of a family that is being jeopardized by posts here using their legal and bible names which are linked to their past in the group when googled etc. The ramifications affect not just the FG former leaders, but their children as well. The question is what steps need to be taken by the Fg exmembers, who now deeply regret their past involvement w/ the cult, and their actions while in it.

I am personally not involved, but when I read the posts below by 2 SG's who were attempting to find a solution, I asked the coordinator to clarify the steps they would need to take. In one post in the thread I understood the stated concern to be:

a) they should "publicly distance themselves from the Family" and
b)make "a statement for the record" so readers here "might know what they think now."

Both of these points I suggested might be fulfilled by making a statement here, publicly distancing themselves from the cult, and apologizing clearly for participating in the spread and practice of harmful Family teachings.

The question is how to do this without, as expressed in the SG posts below (Johnny Reb & Jo Anne), creating yet more pages of internet searchable links to legal and bible names that are linked in searchable posts. I suggested possibly using clear identifications (using bible name initials, field and title identifiers, etc... something readers here who knew them would clearly know who they were talking about.

The seperate list of concerns labeled in Coordinator's post 1)2)&3) were what seems to me only partially related to a&b,and deal with how they could address 1) "the public they decieved" 2) "theexmembers they offended" & 3) "other members/exmembers they have collectively encouraged to support the Family."

On point 1) It seems to me that the posts in question are almost certainly irrelevant to those in the general public who were decieved by their activities while in the Family. If someone is googling them it is for reasons related strictly to employment applications WELL AGTER LEAVING THE FAMILY,as they seek to better their entire family's future in its new life after breaking ties with the family years ago. If the board takes the attitude that it is simply the price one must pay, then there really is no point in discussing it. But the coordinator expressed the board's interest in finding a way forward that might lead to this family (with many SG offspring all effected by the situation.) But the way forward AS FAR AS THIS Board goes, does not seem to relate to whatever the folks might do to try to clear up past deciets of the general public (from perhaps the sale of Family tools under false pretenses, or benefiting in donated goods from unsuspecting businessmen to a cause clearly different from the one that was presented via FCF or whatever.) This just doesn't seem to interface with what is on this board at all, as far as I can see.
2)& 3) are both linked to the issues in a)&b)above. But really the only option available seems to be covered in the solutions suggested.

The sole issue as far as I can see comes down to how a public statement of renunciation and apology could be posted in such a way as to meet those concerns without adding to the pages of weblinks this family is already contending with. I thought the suggestion of bible name initials, what family positions they held in which countries and years would serve the purpose in both ways.

Anyway, I see Jo Anne , who I'm guessing is personally involved in this situation is posting again on the topic so I will graciously bow out. I do hope that a solution can be found that will help all parties involved move on as best they can, under what is a tragic set of circumstances for anyone whoever got involved in this toxic waste zone known as the Family. L' Chaim.