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Re: Stron words

Posted by Jo Anne on September 21, 2007 at 21:57:11

In Reply to: Re: Stron words posted by An Other on September 21, 2007 at 18:06:31:

Just to clarify. No SG's lost jobs because of parents. FG's lost work which in turn trickels down and hurts the whole family. Although most kids do share their last names, that wouldn't hurt the SG's from seeking employment. But obviously if your aging parents aren't able to care for themselves financially, that hurts everyone. Also, the 3rd gen, now young budding teenagers oblivious to any of our spicy past have acess to the lovely internet as well. How is that going to help them develop a healthy relationship with the Grands?
Of course the simple thing is for everyone to just have a big "share all" disscussion. And they will do so at their discretion. But I think it is understandable why they have not yet, Considering what we have all just been through. There are so many unknowns to these things.
I'm not sure why so much focus has been on one family. Is is possible no other family has gone through this trying to move on from TF?

And I take offense to you insinuating that just because they are not plastering their names all over the net that they have a "hard time condeming TF and Berg." Nothing could be further from the truth.