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Re: Quote of the day by JAQ

Posted by LTO on September 22, 2007 at 19:34:29

In Reply to: Re: Quote of the day by JAQ posted by Commentator on September 22, 2007 at 18:25:55:

Man, do I love the internet.

It would be at least helpful if you quoted the actual statements that you choose to interpret. But please don't bother now. Too much work for everyone.

I do not wish to further confuse things with my sins of syntax, but i can say with all honesty you have completely misread me, and as far as I can tell JoAnne, and definitely the motives of the family in question.

It seems to me that very few FG former members even come within a mile of these sites. Most I know concentrate on trying to do there best to repair their own families.God knows there is plenty to do there. In the area I live there are many FG and SG former members. Most get along quite well with each other. The kids can SEE that the FGs are doing their best to do right, think and act nothing like adults in the Family, and though far from perfect, have clearly repented (changed their ways) from Family attitudes. The SGs are all pretty busy themselves, playing catch up football and working through their baggage.We observe the actual lives of each other, helping each other out with time and talent,often actually enjoying each others company etc. However, if the only conversation was anonymously over the internet,only about TFI and the past, and often "reading between the lines" ,well... I think it would be a lot less cordial.

Please forgive me if I gave you the wrong impression. There is no question there is a great deal that needs forgiveness. To my knowledge no one has denied that in this conversation. I suspect that if you will just give things a little time, things might appear quite differently. At least I hope so.