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Re: Quote of the day by JAQ-coming out of hybernation

Posted by excog on September 23, 2007 at 02:55:36

In Reply to: Re: Quote of the day by JAQ posted by Commentator on September 22, 2007 at 18:25:55:

I don't get it.

Some of us have had our legal name out there in years of cult awareness work and have had to put up with the results of our desire for social justice and eagerness to right some wrongs and find a voice for us AND others.

Yet, we are not crying and complaining 'get our names off of google.' I can give a rat's ass about google. I have had to face much tougher shit in life -and STILL do! Unfortunately, there are some uncomfortable effects to many actions and issues in life. We have to cope with it and have had to cope with it.

If someone brings the issue up, I deal with it. Confidence helps and it goes a long way. Of course, not everyone will love us, but hey, that is the way life is.

I suspect, much like JAQ, that the reason why some people want their names off the Internet is not because they are truly changed, but because they want a quick conscience fix.

Btw, not everyone searches the Internet or believes everything that is on the Internet. I would like to know how many people have really found their life became impossible because of a few hits on google. You always have the option of becoming cult awareness advocates, i.e.,

--yes, I was in a cult, yes it is tough shit I would not recommend it to anyone, yes you have to watch out for recruiters, yes you would not believe what people can do given the 'right' settings and the 'wrong reasons'...


yes, my parents were in a god damned cult and River Phoenix's parents were, too, yes, it sucks, yes it really affected my life, yes, I have learned so much because of that, btw, would you like to support cult survivors?

Nobody here has talked about the options of fessin' up to one's past and really practice patience and meekness (there, for all of you who are still Christian or like to say so these days, and this coming from a secular person at that) as you have preached for years -- to warn others about the dangers of deception and groupthink.

Now THAT would explain to some why those/our names come up on google, right?

Maybe you don't need to bug the coordinators here.