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A "bad" pic and it's consequences (disinheritance)

Posted by Farmer on September 24, 2007 at 02:40:19

Many of the most recent posts & threads are about the subject of "loosing" something in this world in case your name is googable & appears in bad light on some internet boards.

Recently I read an old news-magazine again (of 1998) & came across the "fascinating" story of Caroline de Bendern...she took part in a Paris 1968 May demonstration, a pic shows her on the shoulders of someone, swinging the vietnamese flag...she wasn't much of a political activist, certainly no revolutionary communist, also no student...rather a British model with aristocratic background...she just happened to have run along...somebody handed to her the flag & the pic went around the world.
Her grandfather, being very rich, upon seeing the picture, disowned/disinherited her....the person who handed her the flag, she knows...he became very rich, cause he inherited a lot....could be straight of a novel...but that is real life...

Along with this story and for other reasons my stance is: when someone was up the ladder in TF...somewhat (in)famous, I think it's "normal" that you have to suffer the consequences by getting back in touch with "real life" and the real morals.That means to me, you have to pay some price for the wrongdoing...bad publicity or whatever.By the way, the aim of most governments with their judicial system is to resocialise the offenders/'s often a matter of money etc....but obviously any state is happy, if the offender is remorseful, sorry...therefore any repentant FG is already on the right path to meet some requirements of society...whatever other consequences the path of truthfulness might also bring along...therefore I don't really understand the whining here expressed by some, who fear more damages in the the job-search etc for the children etc....I personally wouldn't want to work for any employer, who couldn't see my changes in life, my regret etc....much less if it happened to "hit" my kids etc....what kind of employer is that?...another matter is, for what reasons are the names on the boards anyway....I don't know whom they could be talking of...need to look it up some time...but aren't they mentioned for some (good) bad reason....that is of course the heavy obligation/duty of the board managers to make sure they have the right ammunition in their hands, to give the stories name & handle....but I am not familiar with all the "namescalling" on those boards (except for the leaders still in) On the other hand, it only would mean some real progress, if the websites could add to some shamefull story, that the persons made amends where is exactly the "bad" hurt??