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Why Our Aploogy is Slow in Coming

Posted by Pangea on September 24, 2007 at 21:58:58

Dear JAQ, Thinker, Coordinator,LTO and all,

Why have we not yet posted our apology?

Time is a limiting factor. I work 2 jobs that take up 14 hours of my day Mon thru Fri and do carpentry on Sat. Subtract sleep, meals and BMs and not much time is left. We usually try to catch up on these posts on Sundays.

We have 11 kids and 18 grandkids (translation) soccer games, school plays, birthdays, etc.

Some seem to feel we should have already known about this site and that we should have apologized years ago when we left.

I did not know this site existed until my wife lost her job when the place she worked found out she had been in the Family. The had done a USA criminal check on her when she was hired and found nothing. When they found out she had been in the Family, they did criminal checks on her in the countries we had been in and again found nothing. End result - she lost her job.

I was never a Victor Sheherd but I do know first what it feels like to be separated from your family, made to wear a Silence Restriction name tag for 4 1/2 months, be told to leave the Family because in never submitted to their discipline.

I am heartfelt sorry for any and all excesses and abuses that happened under our watch.

What I am not sorry for for the last few years sending in the minimum tithe of either $50 or $100 per month and taking the rest of the tithe money and using it for events for teens that were in my home.

I also am not sorryu for emailing many of those still TF and trying to get them to leave.

I also am not sorry for arguing for hours with some folks we know that are still Family supporters

Iam very sorry for how our influence helped Berg and Zerby and we were used by them as an "example" family. If we had not gotten sucked into that pit, we would not have influenced those that we did.

We did not know any of this process of boards and posts and all this. We had thought it would be as simple as writing to and seeing if there would be any time they would consider taking our names off their site.

Now it seems so much more complicated. To those of you waitng impatiently for our apology, we are trying to decide at this point if it is even worth it. Our names are already shot, but is this just an exercise in futility? I think a few with time on their hands can easily sway any discussion here.

We also have heard no guide lines as to how long will this discussion go on after our apology gets posted? 6 months? 1 month? 2 days? Until every one can google and yahoo search for hours until they find every tidbit and copy and past it here? That is what we know will be coming.

And at this point we have no idea what the outcome will be. Judging from some posts, the French judicial system (or something a little worse) will be in effect.

If you need something to read while waiting for our apology, read Richard Dawkins or the Bible - whichever you prefer

Sorry for the slowness. Thanks for your interest in our situation.