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Re: Welcome to genX

Posted by Pangea on September 24, 2007 at 23:49:27

In Reply to: Re: Welcome to genX posted by Coordinator on September 24, 2007 at 22:23:59:

We stopped tithing to the Family sometime in 2000. We had disagreed with so many Family policies before that and we had been operating as our own independent home for a couple years.

The Family's policy of not encouraging education was particularly insulting to us as we had 3 of our children in private schools in the country we were in. We were continually being pressuredf by the Family to take our kids out of these schools so they could have more time at home and less socialization with the youth of the city we lived in.

After that we stayed and did a project with FCF for a couple years (meals and care packages for poor, classes on health, nutrition, etc. FCF kept 10% of the money our supporters sent them (the tithe) and sent us the other 90%.

To me out of the Family means totally 100% opposed to the policies and deceit of the leadership. It means hoping and praying that old friends who still are TF will someday see the error of their ways.

It means realizing how decieved and misled I was for so many years. It means the realization of the horrible effects perpetrated upon the SGs becuase of the collective agreement of FGs to whatever came out in the Letters.

It means realizing we were part of a horrible experiment by a deranged alcoholic pervert who has been seceded by his dilusional ex secretary.

It also means the liberation of spiritual input from a variety of sources. It means joining a church that accepts you, prayed for you to cope with your guilt, remorse, condemnation and welcomes you with open arms.

For our particular family, it means we all have come to our senses and have all totaly renounced any ties and now are all united in our desires to use our lives to help each other. It means we can all get together once a year for a beach holiday. It means we have 2 of us entering Graduate school, 3 taking college courses.

It means we support this site's efforts and applaud their time, sacrifices and wisdom. The way to stop or hinder the Family is to cut off the money. If sites like this can infuence members to leave and donors to not donate, the Family will continue to shrink until Zerby herself will have to go out litnessing to survive.

Thank you for your patience.