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Posted by Skeptical on September 27, 2007 at 07:11:47

I was going to post under the thread below but I think more posts there would hide what has been so eloquently said, and briefly, by hm and Thinker.

What bother me is what she/he says: "My first reaction was that it couldn’t be true".

This person, Pangea, is saying that he/she is still in denial. The basic assertion is that "Berg was misguided, that I know, but evil? No, it can't be true." And this has just now happened! Amazing!!!

Does this sound like a person who has already been out for a long time? Not to me.

I wonder if "the folks" are giving their blessing to go out and "preach their evil Gospel to every creature" and sending out people who used to be important. Some exmembers like to flock around these old figure heads. Maybe this is part of what the evil magicians are doing now, sending out people like this who still think that Berg is not really such a bad person and that his teachings are not really that bad.

Knowing how sneaks work, isn't this part of the cult's plan to cut expenses in retirement benefits and create a core group of supporters to buffer the truth that is slowly coming out?

And then, they reveal their prominence. Considering how long they have been "out", and not even realizing what Berg's teachings are...? I am amazed! Makes me question their reasons to leave, just the money? Obviously it was not some moral or spiritual conflict with their teachings.

Taking them at face value, I am glad that they are out - if in fact they are.

I never met Seek & Servant and I don't know if they are accountable for anything. However, their message sounds hollow and more like an attempt to hide the sun with a couple of fingers than an apology.

I don't need an apology from them but, considering who they are/were and what they say, I am skeptical that they really left TF. I am not convinced that they would not support their teachings nor that they would not teach their doctrines. Even the threads below on this same topic seem now to have been orchestrated. If anything, I have been negatively impressed so far.