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Plain talk

Posted by CB on September 27, 2007 at 10:15:24

In Reply to: Re: Apology posted by Apology - Not Missing Beginnin on September 26, 2007 at 22:26:48:

After looking up the allegations against you and your wife, these are my thoughts about your desire to make an apology to SGAs:

1) Seek needs to do her own soul-searching and apologies. You can't cover for her. At this point and well into the near future, there's no way I'd throw any support behind taking her legal name off this website as an alleged child abuser. Seek needs to pursue employment in a field that doesn't require police checks. She may be a wonderful mother and grandmother to her own, but she is branded for life against ever trusting her with the safety and welfare of other people's children. If that scarlet "A" for abuser seems unfair, think about the children who are permanently damaged adults today because of choices she made while under the influence of Berg's perverse spirit. You both should thank your lucky stars the statute of limitations has run on the crimes that took place back in the early 80s.

2) You were certainly victims of the cult, but you were also victimizers. Before attempting any more apologies, I strongly suggest you both work with a counselor on how to do a fearless and searching moral inventory of your history as victimizers. You're really not in a place where you truly understand your part in the damage that was done to so many children who were not your own but were nevertheless under your care and supervision.