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Re: Apology?

Posted by Farmer on September 27, 2007 at 11:21:40

In Reply to: Re: Apology? posted by MG on September 27, 2007 at 07:19:54:

I have your/same sentiments MG & am a bit "bothered" by some posters, who probably expected a whole lot more.I assume, that there could be more coming, but first of all- as someone who also doesn't need a personal apology etc & who doesn't know them in person - I would recommend them for having left - it's obvious to me - as I applaud anyone who leaves, until Zerby & Co. have hopefully an empty castle (on sand).Furthermore I am happy, that all their family members are out as well & dedicated to get healing.

With a couple with an influence of their magntitude in TF, I think the repercussions/"Tsunamies" will be causing some havoc or caused already some (loosing the job etc.)

However that's the right & best way :to have "your coming out"'s not very pleaant...I guess we can all sympathise to some degree...

But what I feel wrong now of some of the F G As
here (not the SGAs!!!!...they have a l l the reasons)is to do foremost the nitpicking with the apology... mote & beam comes to my mind

It's an attempt(the apology)- hard as it is anyway- and we all need the encouragemant to do more soulsearching, going with a fine toothcomb through our lives and that takes time.

I'd say the more heartbroken we are about our mistakes, the humbler we sound & the better the response.I assume both husband & wife are still in the long breaking and waking up phase.Thanks MG for having set a good example of posting directly at movingon