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Posted by Farmer on September 27, 2007 at 11:39:10

In Reply to: Re: Quote of the day by JAQ posted by abused on September 27, 2007 at 07:08:30:

You are very right about that one IMHO and I wish you can overcome someday all the heavy influences in your life through the abuse afflicted to you.If you do, I suspect you amount to a "spiritual giant"...I am really not kidding here.Thanks for bearing with us dirty FGAs...please allow me to say I visited
a few good waterholes in the meantime & that cesspool TF (wasn't there that dream???/letter) is further & further away...

One thing though...those who retain Christian faith or who once learned about it(I certainly belong to that category), always have the "burden/duty" by scripture in mind, that if I won't forgive my neighbour/brother etc. (ehem, where is the forgiving some devils incarnate??..) God won't forgive me either.I am "on duty" so to speak or else I can choose to dump it...but I shouldn't oscillate back & forth.
Just a penny worth... and by no means I intend to infringe on your way of thinking/forgiving/choices to make etc....I just had myself in mind or who else might think that way.