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Re: About Watchman, allegations, apologies, and memories

Posted by excog on September 27, 2007 at 12:56:26

In Reply to: Re: Apology posted by Jo Anne on September 27, 2007 at 11:12:48:

Yes, Watchman is dead.

He traveled the world and exposed whatever he could about TF and what it had done to people and children at a time when very few would dare. He did it with his own name and face, in court cases in Argentina and England and also on national television. To this very day, he is the only ex member who has ever openly talked about the dirty little secret of child sex in first person. The episode he mentioned was something masterminded by Berg through Peter Amsterdam. This is all written in the depos of the British custody case. We could refresh people's memories in case things get jumbled. It is easy to revision or re-write history, especially when the details are so painful or not convenient.

I don't understand the reference to Watchman in this context, as your parents have not done one iota of what that man had the courage to do, ultimately paying the price in very personal ways.
If he indeed molested your sister, she can post her own details of the story. If truth be told, your parents owe an apology to this dead man as well.

Since your parents have not given any details of their tenure in The Family and what they specifically are responsible for, I don't see the reason in dragging a dead person like Watchman into this, especially knowing that one of the first hells on earth he was put in, by order of Berg and Zerby, was a demotion plus brutal re-training under the leadership of your parents.

That left him incredibly scarred. Was anything of what you allege part of his "re-training" under Seek and Secundus and do they have clear memories of that period? And would your parents be able to ever tell the truth about that madness?