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Re: Tried several times

Posted by hm? on September 27, 2007 at 21:18:18

In Reply to: Re: Tried several times posted by on September 27, 2007 at 21:04:52:

In defense of Seek & Secundus, it is typical of The Family to be unresponsive to people's requests to be taken of the FCF site.

Do you think TF feels that having their picture there obligates them to send anyone FCF funds? Not likely. When has TF ever been that way.

To the poster who asked why the FCF site is not updated if it's no longer current, if TF pruned off the FCF site every SG and FG who left and never-members who were shocked to discover who FCF fronts for, there would be scant content to their site.

If FCF pruned every ancient "testimony" and photo-op off the site there would be even less. Do you wonder why so many "testimonies" don't give you any hint of a time frame?

For example, in the link posted above, there is the "testimony" about "Real Life Story Silvia, a Sweet Success Story". Not even a year or even a DECADE is listed.

There is a cult front in South America headed by capo Juan's (Juan Carlos Rosas) first ex, Rosa (Rosa Maria Raffo). The pictures of her kids singing in homes are ancient -- you can tell because they were high-profile at MCV. Here is the revisionist bio of Rosa's years of VS-like leadership over the vast territory of South America:

"Professional in Consulting and Leadership Services. Conducted workshops and seminars, geared to Public Relations. Cordinating Philantrophic works in Latin America.
Mother of eight"