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An honest concern

Posted by CB on September 28, 2007 at 10:57:56

In Reply to: Re: Praise and critique posted by Thinker on September 28, 2007 at 08:00:37:

Thinker, I deeply appreciate your contributions to this discussion. There are indeed right and wrong ways to make apologies. There are also right and wrong ways to speak to people who've been permanently damaged by childhood abuse and neglect.

I am honestly concerned about what could happen if S&S continue to go down the path of publically apologizing to SGAs when they don't appear to have done a thorough moral inventory and seem to have no real grasp on the extent of the damage done by the doctrines they practiced with people they may not remember at all, but who remember them far too painfully.

If you study what Rick Rodriguez told Elixia just before he shot himself--when he talked about how difficult it was and how he finally snapped and crossed the line--you'll hear him talk about how clueless Sue was when she spoke with him about his victimization. I am truly afraid that if S&S continue with some of their clueless apologetic rhetoric that they could trigger an unstable victim. The worst that could happen IS NOT someone venting their spleen at S&S on this site. Call me an alarmist and pooh-pooh me all you want. I know what I know about the violent & cold rage engendered in systematically abused children who grow up to be unstable adults living in the land of easy access to booze & firearms.

Please don't misinterpret this as a threat--only a heartfelt warning to tread gently and be aware of the dark energies that lurk in the territory that's being opened up & visited here. S&S should be commended for coming forward, but they will need adequate support for getting through the shadowlands if they are serious about walking the path of victim reconciliation.