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Re: To SS: How can everybody be helped?

Posted by further more on September 28, 2007 at 12:41:58

In Reply to: Re: To SS: How can everybody be helped? posted by black night of the soul on September 28, 2007 at 12:17:18:

any true apology would consider the truths of the matter you did these things because your soul was outer-directed (by Berg an d Zerby et) even though in your post you say you always thought he was just misguided) Yet you let your ego be guided by a misguided man! this is what you need to consider the reason why? because in turn you attempted to guide others under your care with no respect for their individual self hood , their inate right to self determination, their right to be free from slavery to your ego.

you say you did things in their best interest--well you have to see you did not! you did it for your own interest. How can you possibly be of help to others when you haven't learned this yourself--

so instead of blaming Berg which is part truth , integrate your part played and see the whole truth. If you don't learn this than you will continue to be ego lead into servitude yourself and you will still demand servitude from others. an dI don't know what sort of grandpa you would make if you don't stop repeating this cycle.

just my two cents...