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Another nagging question

Posted by Thinker on September 28, 2007 at 12:45:11

Everybody's been nice enough to refrain from asking the unspeakable, the taboo, but I'm not going to tread on eggshells any longer.

What about S&S' children? According to their own written testimony, they grew up in an incestual envirnoment which they supported. How has this affected them? What are the lasting effects? How have they coped, adjusted and reconciled with the fact that this is more than frowned upon in society at large?

This might be considered a private matter, but I am only asking because this is at the heart of their notoriety. And I am genuinely wondering if and how they left behind this open-sex and child-adult sex doctrine, and what happened when they did -- did they find themselves saying to their children that it was wrong? (or just wrong for the system but not in God's eyes?) Did they have problems/messes to fix? How did they deal with it?

This is not to drag out the dirt. I am sincerely trying to understand more.