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1st Hnd Knowledge A

Posted by Bookworm on September 28, 2007 at 18:26:11

I have lived with close to, or with my parents since they left. I wish there was a way for the people posting here to step away from their point of view just for a moment and see it from another perspective.

They have a lot of other people to factor into this current turn of events. Before posting anything they wanted to communicate with EVERY child of theirs who mostly are parents now with preteens and make sure all were comfortable with opening this lovely can of worms. They had to proceed with caution, as their relationship with their grands, who know nothing of TF, are all computer genius' and could access anything, is very important.

I understand there is the argument of "well, let them all know, and this is the price you pay and it's selfish to just consider them when there are other hurting ones out here." Yes, that makes sense. But their main concern is their DAILY life here with all of us. They did not want their next two generations to suffer any more because of them. If that is selfish, so be it. I am personally greatful that they hold their families needs in such high esteem after years in a cult that breaks that value down.
As far as their apology being "incorrect," Of course there are a lot more specifics and more accountability that is needed, but come on, do you expect them to incriminate themselves on the internet? They have left themselves open for contact for any further disscusion with e-mail. These things are very personal and I dare ask you to point out ONE other SGA who has opened themselves up and said "contact me please."

I have plenty of issues myself with SGA's from my past and I would kill to have one of them give me oppportunity to as an adult dissuss the past with them.