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Re: An honest concern

Posted by CB on September 28, 2007 at 20:26:01

In Reply to: Re: An honest concern posted by bookworm on September 28, 2007 at 16:48:04:

This sentence doesn't make sense to me: "I dare ask you to point out ONE other SGA who has opened themselves up and said "contact me please."

Did you mean to say FGA in that sentence? As in: one other FGA like your parents who has opened themselves up and said, "contact me please"--?

Some of the SGAs that I know are terrified by the thought of ever facing their abusers again. I can't imagine one of them telling their abuser, "contact me please, let's chat over email."

What I am concerned about is what could happen if one of the more unstable and disturbed SGAs got in contact with your parents. I doubt very seriously you would "kill" to have one of them give you the opportunity to talk about your shared past if you realized the capacity for violence that some childhood abuse victims possess. I'm wondering whether your parents understand that. I'm also wondering if they realize how emotionally triggered abuse victims can get by certain kinds of language.

Sue Kauten is not the only FGA who has been murdered, and Rick Rodriguez is not the only SGA with a weapons arsenal and a substance abuse problem. What you call a "lovely can of worms," others would call a powder keg.