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Warning to Mechanic Man and "Pangea"

Posted by Coordinator on September 29, 2007 at 19:14:13

In Reply to: Re: Heaven's Girl ??? - finally after 20 years posted by Mechanic Man on September 29, 2007 at 18:40:11:

You are obviously posting connected to the "Pangea" family, in tandem with them if not actually them. You are about to destroy all their credibility for good as far as I'm concerned. Anything more you post will be directly credited to them.

If it is indeed true "you" were not a member, do not try to be too assertive about things you might know a lot less about than you think. If you were not in The Family you cannot be certain whether something did or did not happen in the 90s. A lot of things are not what they seem to someone who has never been on the inside.

People process their damage from the cult in different ways. Some come to terms with things many decades later and it is their right to do so. Many may not have had the resources to deal with their past. Many are damaged to their point they will be in therapy forever. And those are the "lucky" ones who have access to it. This site is not a medical resource to guarantee a fix within a certain time period. How dare you?

People have a right to determine for themselves whether or not they are done with the process, and if they want to hang out posting and talking it is up to them. I suggest you read up on PTS, etc. You are obviously very unfamiliar with the process and unsympathetic, and talk along the same lines as serial abusers who say things like "just get over it." I suggest you read up on our guidelines if you want to be a smart ass, and see how you've violated our rules regarding personal attacks, insensitivity, and abrasive behavior.