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prayer against watchman

Posted by Researcher on September 29, 2007 at 22:42:31

In Reply to: Re: Heaven's Girl ??? - finally after 20 years posted by Mechanic Man on September 29, 2007 at 18:40:11:

"Rick's family did what they could to help their son with counselors and psychologists. Rick began to read books on cults and saw how the Family fit the description to a "T". As he gradually got his senses back, he began to get mad as hell for what the COG/Family had done to him. He decided to go back to Japan and demand to see his wife and kids. But his wife and children convinced that Rick was a "backslidden demon" rejected him and refused to go with him. Rick threatened the Family with media exposure--the Family retaliated by printing prayers where his own children prayed for God to kill him. Things got nasty, and Rick along with other ex-members, went on an all-out media campaign to expose and stop the Family."
From: Berg certainly taught that God was into killing backsliders in "THE HELMET!--A Final Warning to Backsliders! DFO1058 26/9/81":
"42. THAT HELMET OF SALVATION WILL SAVE YOU BY KILLING YOU PHYSICALLY, destroying your body that your soul might be saved! (1Co.5:5.) As John said, "There is a sin that is unto death, I do not say that you should pray for it!" (1Jn.5:16.) But that in the case of some, God has to destroy their bodies to save their souls & to spare the World & the Family & others from their poor testimony & poor example, & to make an example of them that crime does not pay, permanent backsliding does not pay, & that God is going to get you one way or the other & not let you get away with it!

"43. HE'S GOING TO GET YOU BACK INTO HIS SERVICE REPENTANT AND HUMBLE & confessing & faithfully serving Him again, or He's going to take that life away from you that you won't give to Him--& forever! You'll be saved, you'll go into His presence, but ashamed & raised to everlasting shame & contempt because of your rebelliousness & your disobedience & your backsliding & your bad example & your refusal to serve Him & sacrifice any longer. (Dan.12:2.)"

I'm trying to locate the documents where everyone was asked to pray against Watchman. Does anyone remember where it was published? Here is one such prayer in para 104:
The praying for his death thing might be in this one, but it seems to be sanitized: