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Re: Heaven's Girl ??? - finally after 20 years

Posted by Farmer on October 04, 2007 at 10:08:29

In Reply to: Re: Heaven's Girl ??? - finally after 20 years posted by HG on September 30, 2007 at 16:18:51:

Your and other ex-minors' stories/accounts of the time while still in is really troubling, saddening, especially since rape/torture (mene & others) are not like "diseases" you can overcome more or less easily with time at the help of your immune system etc.It's a disease carried by adults, which no one seems to have an easy cure for (neither for the spreading , nor for the healing)'s really very bad & sad, that that ever happened in the name of God...the dillusion was really almost perfect...there are some other nutty groups/sects who mingle sex with belief, but no "Christian" group that I remember - know yet - which did it to the degree of TF...what a
record, makes you sink into the soil...I have only found some gnostic groups in the early centuries, but the descriptions hardly match those of TF...

Please hang on..

This link shows, how there are other weirdos, yet not doing it in the name of God...but pretending to help.....

You said, what has love got to do with sad...

If there was anything I believed in in my whole life,then something called pure love & sad to say, I thought TF could have found the way to practice it.

Here's a movie which I deeply cherish, because it portrays a love affair, where the main involved parties (parents of the girl) are not sought to be ignored in their decision/opinion...Raj didn't want to "steal" the India the "blessing"/favour of the parents are still widely respected & sought after..

One of my favourite scenes, besides that of the end of course, is the one where Raj sees Simran in the morning in a swiss hotel room & since she had drunk too much & her having his shirt, she is deeply worried about what might have happened during the night.First Raj is playing a trick on her, making her think, that "they made love"....but since she is deeply upset & tearful about it...he comforts her, saying it was just a bad joke...what he expresses there is, that he never had stooped so low in his life not even in his thoughts, to do such a thing...very admirable indeed & that's how it should be....but of course it's not always lived in all corners of the world...may be you have a look at it??

(very good review of an american)

(just a clip...the whole movie is also on the internet, but in Hindi)