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First Impressions of book "Jesus Freaks"

Posted by on October 13, 2007 at 18:32:22

In Reply to: Re: The UPS Man just handed me.... posted by Joseph on October 12, 2007 at 19:52:18:

I've gotten about half way through "Jesus Freaks" by Don Lattin today, and finally decided to take a break. I've got a very short attention span, so reading half a book in one sitting is very unusual for me.

This is one of the few books written about The Family by a professional writer, which helps a lot. Lattin is also an outsider, so you don't get the story filtered through the eyes of a victim who has an axe to grind. Lattin states the facts, and backs them up with research techniques he has perfected as an investigative reporter.

Most of the recent books have either been personal stories, or reprints of stories that have been on the various websites for years, so we really don't learn anything new. Lattin's research has turned up a few things so far that I didn't know. For example, Ricky Rodriguez's favorite movie was "Boondock Saints", a film about two brothers and their friend who believe they are on a mission from God when they go about killing members of the Russian Mob and Italian Mafia:

It is suggested that some of his methods and ideas may have been influenced by this film.

Lattin also suggests that Rodriguez may have been on his way to Family Care Foundation near San Diego to perhaps commit more murders when he pulled off the highway in Blythe and killed himself.

I would recommend the book. I think that this one will probably be better understood by the general public, since it is written from the outside looking in.

The book is available on