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Posted by on October 14, 2007 at 09:16:44

In Reply to: Re: FYI posted by Another visitor on October 14, 2007 at 00:38:51:

Yeah... it's an interesting relationship. I speak English and some Spanish. Jane speaks English, some Italian, some French and Famish.

Back then, I didn't know very much about the "F", so I was just strolling through. Now I've been drenched in it for about 10 years, and I'm trying to think back to the days when we could just walk right into FCF and just wake everybody up.

The whole FCF thing for us was about the young daughter of some members we knew going to work there. We were worried about her, and would visit whenever I was in San Diego on business. This was right around Y2K, when the book reports Ricky being there. But, he could have walked up and talked to me and I wouldn't have had any idea who he was.

What I remember about the place is that it was like a resort, a river ran through it, and they rented it out for weddings. They had animals. Jane and I own horses and other animals, so the first thing we noticed is that they didn't have any water. So we found a hose and gave them some water.

We were walking around with the person we came to see, and I remember this guy... I called him "Scooby Doo Guy" because he looked like the character "Shaggy" from that cartoon, badgering our friend to do some work while she had guests. I'm a boss in the real world, and I'd never do that to an employee in front of guests.

Another thing I remember was being ushered into Grant's office by one of his young son's, who asked me if I'd like to see his Dad's computer. I thought, "Boy! Would I!!", but I was good.

Back then, Jane was pretty much in denial about her Family experience. I was just learning who the players were. I was exposed to some very high level people, and really didn't know it. When I read these books and see names like "Arthur Lindfield", I flash back to being at the home of Dr. Christine Mlot and remember meeting him and Jane saying to me, "That was King Arthur", but I just thought it was a silly name.

We don't travel in those circles anymore. That young woman along with most of her siblings left the cult, and I'm happy about that. Their parents are still in, but after that day in January, we stopped hearing from them.