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Posted by Seeker on October 15, 2007 at 04:01:30

hi guys,
I very recently got to know the lord and was very revved up about it..still am!and my girlfriend whose parents used to be in the family
introduced me to them saying they could be an option.
i met them and you guys should know better than me how nice and great and driven everything about them seemed to be.spent some time with them but couldnt quite aggree with some of their doctrine so i took some time out to think about it.So while i was looking it up i saw all the stuff online about them and obviously it disturbed me,so i told my girl and she told me those were all things of the past etc...

I didnt wanna judge so i went for a retreat with them and just got back.Problem is my girlfriend suddenly says she got a calling and she was asked to forsake me.Its like shes a stranger overnight.
what can i say or do?i love this woman and i was planning to get married to her.
Please help me out....asap!