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Correction re Lattin interview

Posted by Perry on October 19, 2007 at 12:54:50

In Reply to: Re: Interview with Don Lattin posted by CB on October 19, 2007 at 10:07:27:

CB, you wrote: "Lattin does respond to Millikin's argument in his book, as well as in his interview with you ..."

I'm sorry if I gave the impression that I was the interviewer. I wasn't. I merely posted the article on my blog.

Regarding that blog, I got the idea from Julia who first started a similar blog on the SPF site. I contributed to that one for awhile, but for technical reasons I found it easier and faster to start my own. I'm only capturing a small percentage of such news report, so it can be quite depressing to realize just how much child abuse is occurring world-wide in religious contexts. Infringement of children's rights, which is another kind of abuse, is most likely even more wide spread.

You're right, it was difficult getting my article published. Part of the difficulty for me was that I had a very emotional, angry reaction when I first read Chancellor's book. Early drafts of my article were based mostly on notes I took while I read his book. In the rewriting process I had to remove a lot of my emotional and inflammatory language. I did a lot of rewriting (content as well as language) and even when I got a draft acceptable to the editor, he still had concerns about some of my exmember sources. It took me about ten single spaced pages of explanations to assuage his concerns, which were related to TF's attempts to intimidate publishers. My explanation almost amounted to another article.

I expect my next project, where I will analyze religious freedom from the perspective of children's rights and children's best interests, will be easier to write. At least I won't have emotional issues to deal with or concerns about sources.