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Re: FCF in San Diego burn to the ground?

Posted by Blog search on October 24, 2007 at 16:27:19

In Reply to: Re: FCF in San Diego burn to the ground? posted by Wishful Thinking? on October 24, 2007 at 09:09:55:

"Praying for our friends at FCF who had to evacuate due to fires."

"So far though, pretty much all of our friends and family in the San Diego area have had to evacuate, some twice now, due to fires. Some of them have heard there's a good chance their home has burned down"

"It hasn't been the calmest two day of her life as we have had to evacuate the hospital and then our home and are now staying at a friends house because of the fires here in San Diego"

Monday, October 22, 2007
No More FCF...

Well we just got a phone call this morning that there is a very big possibility that the Hills Home burnt down...its sooo sad an im so freaked out. Yesterday the fire started so Merlin and Sammy , stayed at our house...i just found out this morning just sooper like worried about what there going to do, if it did..there staying up at Oceanside right now, until they can figure something i guess we'll have Sam and Merl . And now my parents have to evacuate to ...they just went camping, whitch means the fire must be really spreading , were all just hoping an praying for the best.
So please keep this in your prayers , its quite something that only the lord can take care of at this point . I love you peoples so much ! GBY!

Posted by Renee at 10:10 AM

"Tuesday, October 23, 2007

We've fled!
There have been fires all over SoCal lately, and for the past two days we were one street up from the mandatory evacuation zone- today I woke to the sound of the alarm, looked out the window and wondered why the alarm went off at night, as it was still very dark outside- but lo and behold it was already 7, and the darkness was due to smoke.... At 7:55 we got a call saying they expanded the mandatory Evacuation area, and we were to haul a** up the 15 North.
So we packed up our valuables (Kenji brought all his books) with lightning speed and are currently at Frank and Sara's PTL.
Please pray that the house doesn't burn- it really is a lovely house.
Here's a shot from the highway, taken as we began "The Journey North"

posted by Poochies @ 11:18 AM 3 comments "

"Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Heya, just keep us in your prayers cause this morning there was a mandatory evac in our area so we had to git. There's a few different fires around so pls pray for them to dissipate. The wind isn't helping any either.

There is no (fire) too fierce for the power of the keys to stop or protect you from.

Pretty much.

This morning when I came out of my cabin, the air was dry and smoky, with ash fluttering about...rather eerie because the sky was also dark. Because of the winds over the past few days there were branches and tree-litter all over, giving the property a rather deserted look.

Here's the pool, covered in ash."

" Welcome to the twilight zone

We've joined the masses of those fleeing from the current San Diego fires.
The past 48 hours have been surreal.
All day yesterday we watched the news and the big black clouds that were accumulating all around the hill we live on.
I went to bed around 10 last night and woke at 3 am with my cabin smelling like intense smoke and it being rather hard to breathe. After turning on the fan I finally was able to sleep, only to wake up at 6:30 ish with my alarm....When I went outside to head up to the main house, the air was filled with smoke and ashes were floating around. Pretty freaky. Reminded me a bit of the volcano scenes in the Last Days of Pompeii movie we used to watch as kids.
About an hour later we got the call telling us we were now in a mandatory evacuation I'm currently blogging from Frank and Sara's (who graciously took all us homeless people in...thank you!)
Please, please pray that we don't lose our house or any of the cabins on our property to the fire. At this point we need a real miracle.
I'm sure I'll have more to say on this, but I'll leave you with this nice little post from Angel, where you get a picture of el fire.
At least we're alive and safe. PTL

posted by crazynik @ 2:53 PM "

Around eight this morning we got a reverse-911 call for a mandatory evacuation in our area. We'd already packed our flee-bags yesterday, "just in case", so we got going fairly fast.

On our way out, the traffic was backed up a bit because of all the evacuees. You can see to the left in the picture a woman and her horse...evacuating, I'm guessing.

Driving down the highway, there were small fires on the sides, and smoke everywhere. Visibility was rotten.

But, PTL, we're safe and sound. I was cooking all day so I smell like smoke and cake and versatile basil.

So pray for us, yes please! (And tks if you have been!) -- Cheers all!