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Re: How will TF spin this?

Posted by Speakers on October 26, 2007 at 13:20:58

In Reply to: Re: How will TF spin this? posted by PB on October 24, 2007 at 13:59:19:

Jesus speaking: "Though I have the power to stay the winds, the growing persecution in North America is my sign you should move your base to Mexico"
Dad speaking: "Yes. Mexicans are a kind and gentle people, humble, sweet Christians that are susceptible to, uh- strike that,they are sweet Christians that are open to the spirit of David.
Mama speaking: "Yes, that is what King Peter and I were thinking. That the Devil is raging right now and God is using it to get us moving back to the fields that are ripe already to rape, uh-strike that- to REAP and..
Peter speaking:.."and you can still be a child and a bride in Mexico.."
Mama's lawyer speaking: "Make sure not to print this. Our editors are working on this to clean it up for publication"
Grant speaking: "Thank you Mama and Peter for continuing to appreciate my talent in scamming..strike that-- in strike that appropriating donations for all our new and better mansion- strike that, for all our needs and so we can continue to help the whore- strike that- Freudian slip, continue to help the poor on the fields where our little love gifts help offset the tithes.."
OH CHRIST! (mama speaking) get the editors in here to clean this mess up!