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Re: My educated guess

Posted by Dr No on November 06, 2007 at 03:50:09

In Reply to: Re: My educated guess posted by Dr. B on November 05, 2007 at 08:48:15:

Does Dr. B stand for Bull%$@, as you say "I this" and "I that" throughout your post concerning things you think are fact without any evidence! Fair enough, if you think leadership & certain persons in the Family do those things then you are entitled to your own opinion, but for goodness sake don't try and convince the rest of us that everyone is guilty. Many are named. shamed and maybe will get their just reward on this site and others, but not all are guilty. A great deal of your "I think" is hinged on the past, like you said back in the 70's. Thatís the past, and I mean big time. Sure, doctrines of the Family even today are screwy, but it is not the sex crazed, pedophile or orgy environment you make it out to be. It's possible "some" FGA's (thatís first generation adults) have hang-ups from the past, but most young adults, teenagers etc. are a bit more modern in their thinking. I'd have to say a large section of the average normal Family is not aware of any illegal transgressions certain leadership may have been involved in, but that does not make all members accomplices or just bimbo's who have closed their eyes to illegal activities by certain persons. Actually, I know you will find taht most normal home level Family members hardly know their top leadership (especially amongst the younger generation of Family members). Ask an average Family member who their WS leaders are or even their regional leaders are and you'd be surprised to find many donít know or to take it a step further .., couldnít care less. Leadership in the Family changes so often it's hard to keep up. Of course the top stays. As you well know (common knowledge), most, if not all Letters, news, messages etc that come to everyday normal Family members are screened, direct from only one source. In light of that, it is fair to say that top leadership will not advertise any illegal activities on their part to the main stream Family member population. Anyway, I am sure you are sincere in your educated guess, but do the current research which you can find on this site, movingon, newday etc. Hearsay won't get you far.