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Re: The Tony Alamo / "God Squad"

Posted by knew 'em on November 08, 2007 at 16:49:37

In Reply to: Re: The Tony Alamo cult posted by Perry on November 06, 2007 at 16:15:10:

Berg did know Tony Alamo although to what degree I do not know. Alamo and COG were proselytizing the streets of L.A. I had heard (foggy memory, and heard it from the Alamo side) that Berg and Alamo knew each other and for some reason not talked about, Berg's movement was considered of "the devil" by the Alamo clan.
At that time, there were no little children in the group and Alamo people were know for their "Repent or Perish!" Hell-fire preaching.
Although TF had a sometimes softer approach ("in order to win some, be winsome")
Alamo's group was located in an old house close to Sunset Blvd. (1970) The group was very rigid about females not undressing where other females might see and were pentecostal-like in separating men and women and in dressing modestly. Not Hudderite like or anything. They seemed to be on par with Berg as far as a Victorian approach on the forefront. I would guess that Tony didn't start diddling others until Sue died. She was terminal with Cancer when I encountered them.
It seems like as these movements rose to power and started gaining hundreds and then thousands of followers/adherents, the people at the top got crazier and crazier.
The Hari Khrishna, I met them too in L.A. when their big god-on-earth "Baktavandti Swami Prabupada" (or something like that) was in charge and the movement was new and small. At that time- all those cults had no children present but were largely youth at least as far as anyone saw. Most followers were teens and early twenties.
It's odd that sexual abuse of children and sexploitation of women is such a common factor in all these orgs. with a top all-powerful human leader. What was that quote? "Absolute power corrupts absolutely."