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Posted by CB on November 19, 2007 at 11:37:54

Does anyone know if Family parents or caretakers still punish children for bedwetting? Does TF still put out childrearing advice on a regular basis to members, and if so, have the newer childcare manuals addressed the issue of punishing children for bedwetting? As in, DON'T PUNISH kids for something they cannot control.

Berg wrote on the subject, btw, when Rick developed the problem as a boy. Berg thought it was caused by hitchhiking demons. Given all the BS Berg wrote about it, has anyone in the group had the courage to reverse course and address it as something other than a spiritual problem?

The ignorance and cruelty described in Not Without My Sister on this common childhood problem has been hard to shake off since finishing the book. For anyone in a position to pass parenting information along, here's an article put out by University of Florida Extension Service: