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TV in Quebec looking for ex-members to interview

Posted by Coordinator on November 26, 2007 at 20:08:54

We received this mail below. If you are interested in contacting them, please contact us using the "Contact the Webmaster" form under the left menu. Thanks!


My name is [.......] and I'm a journalist for a television channel in Quebec (Canada). My team and I are currently working on a new serie (documentary) about sects and new religious movements which will be broadcasted in 8 episodes next year.

Our team is now working on an episode which will be portraying the sexuality in these new religions and we would like to introduce the situation of the Children of God. Of course, we think that the best way to introduce this subject for our documentary is to meet people who experienced it and could relate us their stories.

[......] told me that you could help us to reach Canadians who experienced The Familly or The Children of God. Considering the fact that the members of The Family travelled all around the world, I was wandering to know if you know ex-members who's now living in Quebec or in Ontario (Canada). If these people would be interested to relate us their story ?

My team and I thank you very much for your attention, and I hope to hear from you soon.