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Re: rotten fruit

Posted by Fava beans on November 29, 2007 at 12:13:55

In Reply to: Re: rotten fruit posted by Dave McKay on November 27, 2007 at 09:36:27:

You left COG but you took many of Berg's writings and applied them as your own. It seems you are not a pedophile like David Berg was (or you are afraid of being one) as you discourage having children- encouraging masturbation in it's place. I know you have a few children. Have they given body parts yet? I hope not.
You are the leader of the cult and direct it via letters of yours (like Berg).
Instead of pimping the women and others with sex, your "living sacrifice" is to pimp body parts. Kidneys and pieces of liver.
You preach a forsake all message and tear apart families, claiming it is the resistance of the parents (their natural protective mode) that causes them to want to forcefully remove their children from drowning their troubles in an escape in the name of Jesus.
You are listed as a cult on prominent cult watching sites. A small one, but weird enough to gain that status.
Your practices have caused the most tolerant of churches to want to dissociate from you.
What I would call rotten fruit is being a leader over a group of youth where forsake all, dumpster diving and selling lit and "donating" body parts (get any payment or contacts or expenses paid out of that?) My guess is, after living on the road and dumpster diving, selling lit and all, a hospital stay to give up a bit-o-liver or a kidney would seem like a vacation.