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Re: My country, my country, I know it's wrong my country...

Posted by Farmer on November 29, 2007 at 16:06:09

In Reply to: Re: My country, my country, I know it's wrong my country... posted by Child Advocate on November 29, 2007 at 09:13:38:

Thank you for the reply/response...too bad I am lacking till the end of the weekend time to respond properly or to the degree I wish to as I see you have quite some experience/knowledge along the line...however I think it's basically a heart matter: unless someone is "disturbed" for some cause/reason, then the "natural" seems to be to take care of the offspring.To be/act less than that is something pretty awful and is an indicator, that something is severely wrong.

It's a big theme for me, as I know severest abuse happened in TF & all that has to come to light, but in some ways I also want to point out, the "system the world" is more & more neglectful too...things I read in the boulevard-press about the meanness in different parts of the world is very heartaching & I "hate" sociologists & statiticians tell me that the amount of crime & severeness also towards the very weak hasn't changed that's more a matter of awareness/exposure...oh...ehem really?...I don't remember shootouts/bombings at schoolcenters/colleges perpetrated by youngsters in "my time"...May be it's the same amount of wickedness worldwide just manifesting in different areas of life---maybe the middleages had beside witchhunt, wars & slavery also a "good" amount of childneglect...I wouldn't know yet...however with all the knowledge & experience of the past it puzzles me, what is still possible & I don't know, whether poverty is the right "excuse" in that matter, in general.

It seems to me also, that some rich have even less of a consciounceness in that area, just "better"/smarter ways to conceal their wickedness...(until caught )some day...there`s much more to it...from my side...but have to leave unfortunately.Have a nice weekend...