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Re: I'll have a stab at this

Posted by MG on December 03, 2007 at 02:37:42

In Reply to: Re: I'll have a stab at this posted by Paranoid on December 03, 2007 at 01:16:13:

Well done, well analyzed.

So true, it takes one to know one, and that's painful to admit.

Another thing which I detected is an underlying anxiety/fear in the parent's voices. I think it's the pressure to measure up, which goes all the way back Berg's Gideon's band "We Are It" dogma, because if you fail you'll end up the "Old Bottle" scrapheap, just like the rest of the churches. Success and failure is measured by performance. Top leaders in the Family are the ones who perform best in playing the role of a Gideon. Another example is the way it was around the colony/home for at least a week ahead of time just before the big leaders came to visit. Nothing was neglected in the way of preparations for putting on a "shiner" performance. You sure don't want to look like someone who's going to be "raised to everlasting shame and contempt."

Berg had a lot of doctrines on this, in "Glamour or Glory" he taught that you had to be so true to fulfilling your destiny that you simly have to play the role, because you are the role, he used his own end-time prophet role of "being" David as the prime example. But isn't this what the psychopath does, enabled by narcissistic obsessions about himself?

In current Family doctrine there's loads of stuff about "the Keys". But the keys only work for the "yielded". I went through hell when I was a Family member trying to be 100% yielded, as well as trying to perform to demonstrate my yieldedness. (I never attained it, I never performed well enough at the yielded role to become a leader ...thank God!)